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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Even though website owners and businesses think that the IP address they use doesn’t affect their site ranking they are completely wrong. The IP address, together with the domain, plays quite an important role when it comes to the ranking that search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo! give a website. That is why you should take advantage of this Reverse IP Domain Check SEO tool to get an edge over your competition.

How To Use the Reverse IP Domain Checker?

Using the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is input the URL of your site and then click the check button. There are no complex hoops you have to jump through to get the answers you want.

The Reverse IP Domain Checker runs a comprehensive check on the IP address and URL of your website. It’s effective in detecting whether or not your site is also using a shared hosting service.

When the process is complete the tool shows you the links and domains that run on the same IP address that you use. If the website that shares your hosting service provider has low-quality content then the tool will tell you. It tells you how much risk there is in sharing the same IP address as this website.

Dedicated Web Hosting Server

We’ve shown you that links, URLs, and websites can share the same IP address. However, you can also have a dedicated web hosting server if you are serious about the ranking of your website. It’s a much better option to go with a dedicated hosting server. It takes away all the risks associated with using shared web hosting

Reverse IP Domain Checker tool helps to determine to reverse IP lookup or reverse DNS lookup of your website and also the list of domains and their links that are using your IP address. If any problem incur there it will be displayed with the help of a mark along with displaying the type of issue. The mark shows that the link includes any malware or is a suspicious link. If any website sharing your IP is reported for malicious content will also create a negative impact on your website page rank.

That could also be reported due to the presence of a virus but while it's sharing your IP address, it will lower your website page rank also. It much better to remove the website sharing your IP or make a change in that suspicious website IP. If in case any website containing adult content that will also be filtered out by search engine of google and website is concluded as malicious contents.

Sharing IP with such a website also will create a very negative effect on your website and its page ranking.

Some websites are blocked by google search engine in such cases that websites could also be blocked which are sharing the blacked website is or nameservers. If you desire a high page rank and higher optimization then it's very much better to use a dedicated server.